(OVER)How to port aircel online | Online Method

How to port aircel online . Everyone want to port aircel without network because aircel don’t have network. So here we go we will help you How to port aircel online. No need of network at all. Generate UPC code aircel online.

How to port aircel online  :-

How to port aircel online

  1. First Of All Just Visit This Webpage – ekyc.aircel.com:444/ekyc/genUPC.html

how to port aircel online

2. Fill the form by giving information.

3.Enter the aircel mobile number and enter sim number last 5 digit.

how to port aircel online

4. click on generate code.

5. thats all ! you get your port code.

UPC CODE For AIRCEL (First 2 Digit) 

State/Circle AIRCEL Code
Andhra Pradesh DA
Assam DS
Bihar DB
Delhi DD
Gujarat DG
Haryana DH
Himachal Pradesh DI
Jammu & Kashmir DJ
Karnataka DX
Kerala DL
Kolkata DK
Madhya Pradesh DY
Maharashtra DZ
Mumbai DM
North East DN
Orissa DO
Punjab DP
Rajasthan DR
Tamil Nadu ( including Chennai) DT
UP-East DE
UP-West DW
West Bengal DV

Important FAQs

1. can I Port out from Aircel if my Aircel sim is less than 90 days?

Yes , you can port your aircel number even if it is less than 90 days.





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