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Hello, I recently got chance to try the ovenstory pizza . I thought to share all my experience with you because it is very important to know about ovenstory before you are going to order any pizza from ovenstory . I will tell you why i am telling this .Please don’t skip any part of this blog if you are willing to order this pizza even i will tell you how you order 340 rs pizza in just 82 rs . So without wasting time let jump to review.

ovenstory pizza review

This company is owned by Faasos who also owned Behrouz Biryani. I will share their review soon.

First of all, I am going to tell you which product i had ordered from Ovenstory pizza.

that is Smoked Chicken Sausage Pizza (11 inch). cost : 340

You can get this pizza @ 82₹ only .

How To Get Ovenstory Pizza Worth ₹340 In Just ₹82

Make Sure Ovenstory Available In Your City 

Before i ordered i read the review on google and all review was terrifying but still i took the risk because i wanted to share my experience with you all.

But still you need to know about ovenstory what terrifying things they are doing even that is happened to me also but you can sort it out.

I ordered nearly around 09.47 am and got deliver to me around 10.29 am which is again 42 minutes to deliver as per their rules that they will deliver in just 35min or refund upto 200 ₹ . (Applicable only on online orders)

But they will send you a message by saying sorry for delay but they will not going to refund that’s why they will simply say sorry so moral their is no refund at all so patience is best answer till they deliver.

You can order it from zomato , directly from ovenstory app or web as well as phonepe app but Phonepe is right choice.

When you get the pizza box that is literally best box quality that feel that pizza will delicious that box is hard box compared to other pizza company.

you will get 2 oregano , 2 chilly flakes and 1 napkin .

ovenstory napkinAll things are inside this packet.

when you open the pizza box that smell so nice and you literally love it the size  that is 11 inch even all pizza in ovenstory are of same size with cheesy looks you will be fan of it by seeing it . Ovenstory pizza comes with 4 different base with all are free of cost you need to choose any one for your pizza.



ovenstory review

But which is best base : Check out our post on

Which is best base of ovenstory pizza

They say it “This pizza is next level cheese“. But actual thing is yes it is cheesy but not much as cheese burst / blast at domino’s or  Mojo Pizza . You can checkout our post on Mojo Pizza Reviews Genuine.

ovenstory review

It has 6 sliced with good size even this pizza can be served to 2-3 people .  but 2 people it is satisfying but if you are pizza lover like me  then don’t share with any one 🙂

Now coming to after eat pizza experience here is the trick they do to take rating by their own. as i read already on google review that they are not delivering the order at all but in my case this was not happen they just deliver in just 42 min. But after 2 hour i got a call from Ovenstory number is : +91 99166 46343 .

They said it is confirmation call that your order is deliver or not  – Yes (I said)

then they asked how is the pizza –  Good i will sharing rating on app (I said)

then they trick you they told you to share 4 -digit otp for confirmation actually that otp is used for login to your account and they will give best rating on your behalf which is wrong so just tell them i am not going to share or i didn’t receive any otp and all.

Please don’t share your otp to anyone. 

By this our Ovenstory  Story has been end.


Conclusion:  It is best deal if you are using my trick and get pizza @ 82 rs only and size is pretty big but little thin and taste is good as per the price.


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