UPI is no longer Free – UPI transaction charges of SBI , ICICI , Kotak Mahindra & others

UPI Transaction charges are no longer free. Some of the banks started to charge and some banks are charge after a fixed number of transaction. However, the government BHIM UPI charges are there from longer time. Let me tell you whole story why they want to do that.

What is UPI ?

Person to person (P2P) fund transfers using Unified Payments Interface (UPI) without sharing bank details or requesting bank details just need to share virtual ID that makes transfer so faster and 24×7 serviceable at free of cost even no need to login to your netbanking by just using 4 or 6 digit pin and your transfer done.

When UPI transaction charges will be effective ?

May be some bank will charges your later but UNITED BANK OF INDIA (UBI) is already started charges and Some bank like State Bank of India (SBI) , Kotak Mahindra Bank is going to charges from 1st December 2019 . Almost all Big banks are going to charges this date onwards.

What things you have to know ?

Some things you have to know so that you can save your money as well as you can do UPI transaction will be free. Continue reading we will tell how to do that ?

Are you addicted of using it ?

As i am also addicted to using UPI every day we do UPI transaction Like scan & pay because sake for many offer are there . Actually UPI is always chargeable but from last few years Bank taking loss and taking risk as well giving offer because they wanted us to get addicted to it because it is easy and convenient . Once you will addicted if they charges also you will give the charges because you are addicted to it and one other solution you can’t backout that was their strategy.

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How much charges are there ?

As United Bank of India already started from last year itself and they were before charging 3 rs per transaction but now they had increased to 6rs but other banks has another scheme they has free till 50  transaction / month.

Charges tables :


UPI Transaction Charges

What are include in it ?

This is so important part because there is many Terms and condition to it . Lets discuss each and every.

Yes , As we just know 50 transaction will free after that it will charges so how 50 transaction will be counted :

  • If you use Bank BHIM UPI like SBI BHIM UPI
  • Even if you are using 3rd Party app like Phonepe, Google Pay from there it also counted.
  • Even you pay to merchant like scan & pay or directly or even you send money to friends or family too also it will counted.
  • Even you do transfer done using bank account and IFSC
  • Even you do UPI payment of any website like for Bill payment or shopping that will be counted.

For example : Let say in one month you send money 5 times using Bank BHIM UPI and 10 times using Phonepe and 10 times with Google pay and shopping / Bill payment using UPI 5 times and scan & pay 10 times (even it is 10 rs it will counted) at stores and sending money to google pay to phonepe 10 times (this we do many times for moving our money here and there for making money to use offers)

Total : 5+10+10+5+10+10 =50 thats means you are exhausted your limit. If you do next transaction you will charges as per the given table above.

Note : So only do transaction where ever is compulsory because may be you will not remembered how many times you did and   your 3-6 rs will be deducted.


When transaction will be not counted ?

Yes, there is reason when transaction will not be counted if you have multiple bank let say 3 banks then you will get 150 transaction because every bank limit is 50 so even you use same app like Phonepe, Google pay , BHIM UPI or Paytm UPI . the whole transaction limit will be 150 so as soon as you exhausted you limit with one bank set primary bank to another bank and start using for next 50 transaction when that 50 done set another bank to primary so that payment will be done through that bank only . 🙂 : )


Conclusion: Only use UPI transaction where ever required unnecessarily don’t do that. But yes if you have multiple bank you can do that .I already told how to do that.They made us addicted to it now they will charge like Jio telecommunication  do . HAHAHAHA. This is marketing strategy.


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