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Hello, I recently got chance to try the ovenstory pizza . I thought to share all my experience with you because it is very important to know about ovenstory cheesy base before you are going to order any pizzas from ovenstory . Please don’t skip any part of this blog if you are willing to order this pizza even i will tell you how you order 340 rs pizza in just 82 rs . So without wasting time let jump to review.

ovenstory pizza reviewWhich one is the best pizza base of OvenStory Pizza 


First of all, Ovenstory Pizza comes with four different Pizza Base are :

  1. Chipotle Cheese Base
  2. Peri-Peri Cheese Base
  3. Tandoori Cheese Base
  4. El-Classico Cheese Base


Difference between all these base are :

Chipotle cheese Base : Smokey dried Jalapeno with cheesy blend. It is from Mexico.when you taste it some smokiness  smell will comes .

Peri-Peri Cheese Base : It consist of Molten Cheese with red chilli peppers and citrus. It is a tangy spicy taste (It is not that much spicy). From Portugal . This is best Base through out the ovenstory  store.

Tandoori Cheese Base : Tandoor-spiced cheese a fusion of spices from India. This is also good base.If you like the tandoor then this will also good option for you on this store.

El-Classico Cheese Base : Creamy-rich Italian cheese -simply classic from Italy . It’s Regular Mozzarella cheese . This will available in every pizza unlikely any pizza to this store.

Do you want to know about Ovenstory Pizza Genuine Review   even you need to know all things about ovenstory even user experience and you can order 340rs pizza @ just 82rs  or you can order through website also as well as app or the zomato also .

Please check out post by clicking below link.

How To Get Ovenstory Pizza Worth 340rs In Just 82rs

Conclusion:  Peri-Peri Cheese base is best among four.

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